Always Ensure There Is HamerGuard® Logo On Latest Packaging

HamerGuard® was introduced to verify the authenticity of the Hamer Candy they bought. It works on the principle of having each box of Hamer Candy being tagged with a distinctive 28-digit serial number which may be verified via our i phone iphone app that everyone can download from Google Play Store. Visit Hamer Candy website to learn more.

Always Ensure There Is HamerGuard® Logo On Latest Packaging

We’ve been tagging our products for the past almost a year and their serial numbers have already been verified and updated within our servers. Another will describe the process of installation and using HamerGuard®.

We need this type of verification system because fakes currently appears like the original, whatever the manufacturers using laser anti-fake labels, this does not deter counterfeiters at all.

HamerGuard® could be activated via our mobile applications that are supported by Android and IOS.

Install Hamer Candy software for Android at

HOW TO USE HamerGuard®

You will first need to download and install Hamer Candy software from Google Play. Once you’ve done so and register yourself seek out the Hamer Guard logo in the bottom right of the screen. Press it and it’ll activate the camera to ensure that you can scan the QR code all on your own box. You then will be shown the consequence of the scan in the next picture.

If the verification is prosperous the scan result will be demonstrated the following.

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