How To Choose Best Bathroom and Shower Chairs?

Shower chairs and benches provide extra stability for elderly adults and the ones with limited balance, physical strength, and mobility. A bath chair is made to withstand constant contact with drinking water, without rusting or slipping, rendering it much safer than utilizing a folding lawn chair or foot stool. For additional bath safety, installing bathroom grab bars can decrease the risks of falling when rising from a seated position. Here are the primary features to consider whenever choosing a shower chair:


For added balance, some shower chairs feature armrests and/or a back support. Based on the kind of chair, you can pick from removable and non-removable.

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Bath chairs will come with toiletry storage compartments for easier and safer access. Some bath chairs likewise incorporate convenient slots to carry a handheld showerhead.


The chair ought to be tall enough which means that your feet are put flat on to the floor, together with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. A height-adjustable chair permits a far more personalized fit.


Typically manufactured from molded plastic or a rust-resistant material, like coated steel, the legs ought to be sturdy and also have slip-resistant tips that grip the shower floor. An adjustable leg design enables you to customize to each user.


AT ONLY Home Medical, you can expect a number of quality shower chairs from reputable manufacturers, including Drive Medical, Graham-Field, MabisDMI, and Clarke Healthcare.


An excellent shower seat ought to be comfortable, slip-resistant and wide enough to match an individual. Padded or contoured, most bath seats possess drainage holes to avoid water build-up.


Check the chair’s general height, width, and depth to ensure that it fits into your bath or shower, and the toilet itself, with enough space that you should maneuver.


An excellent bath seat should support the user’s weight. Most bath seats endure to 250 lbs., but also for those who need even more support, bariatric shower chairs are also available.

The very best shower chair should provide support, comfort, and independence. We carry a big way to obtain bath chairs and benches to support all users.

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