Which Bigg Boss Season Got Highest TRP?

India’s biggest reality display, Bigg Boss, has were able to keep its audience hooked with their television screens throughout its twelve seasons through its ugly fights, manipulative games, back-bitching and voyeurism. Since its launch, Bigg Boss hasn’t failed to become an entertainment proposition for audiences. With regards to TRP, from 1st season till the 12th, Bigg Boss always maintained first class on the tally. A few of Bigg Boss season had been superhit while some aren’t so entertaining. Let’s read further to learn the best TRP earner and lowest TRP season of Bigg Boss:

Source: Weekly TRP list India

Up to now, Season 4 and Season 11 have already been the best rating series, season four got 5.10 TRP and 6. 90 through the finale. However, there was challenging to maintain audience hooked in season 8. Season 9 saw record low ratings, where Prince Narula was the winner. Tenth Season got average TRP ratings of 3.54, Where commoners had been joined in the show for the very first time and Manveer Gurjar was the winner.

Bigg Boss Eleven was watched by a lot more than 151 million viewers in the first a month of its launchand the finale generated 10.6 million impressions rendering it the best ever viewership for just about any bout of non – fiction. Bigg Boss Season 12 had got an excellent TRP rating on its launched date but eventually, it had didn’t get the mandatory amount of viewers to beat the tally.

Why TRP’s are decreasing

Many viewers opined that Bigg Boss has turned boring as the contestants are yet to comprehend the food of the truth show and viewers’ interest. The primary objective of the Bigg Boss show is usually to bring out the true personalities of the contestants before the viewers. Folks are seeing commoners inside talking no more than the given tasks and judging how others are performing in it. While, However, celebrities appear to be guarding themselves against speaking anything ill about people that could result in a controversy. Harsh fact of the Bigg Boss Season is definitely that no one is wanting to end up being themselves and so are only busy concentrating on the tasks and conserve themselves from eliminations. It really is about time they should recognize that they have started making the atmosphere inside more entertaining and thrilling for viewers.

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